Sep. 16th, 2008

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Getting in a last bit of "Silence of the Lamb" obsessing before the week is out ... and also introducing the Official Favorite Moment Discussion Post, where you can toss up your prettiest screencap in a comment or just squee to your heart's content. I wouldn't say no to episode-based haikus, either.

I have TWO favorite moments under here. I cheated. )

Also, um, Mac is completely adorable; if 20-year-olds were actually like Leo this 20-year-old would certainly be sleeping with more men; and I will never get enough of seeing Keith go all Detective-y. Over and out.
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WOOHOO! As you enjoy this one over the coming week, feel free to post your thoughts, your caps, your questions, your theories, your sonnets, whatever. I'll be doing another Official Favorite Moment Discussion Post, too, so be prepared with a snapshot from your favorite scene -- or just write down your favorite quote. Cheers. :)

The ever-present post guidelines:
  • Please remember to tag your posts with the episode and/or character(s) you are discussing. At minimum, the tag you use today should be:

    1x12 clash of the tritons

  • Spoiler policy: We have more than a few participants here who have never seen the series before, and who are using [ profile] vm_rewatch as a way to discover it for the first time. Please don't ruin their fun -- if you talk about anything beyond what we have already seen, put that discussion behind a cut, and clearly mark your cut with "spoiler warning!" text. Use the viewing schedule as a guide to where we are in the series if you're not sure.
  • Please do not flame or character-bash. You're allowed to dislike a character and/or disagree with other members of the community, but if you find yourself about to insult or threaten somebody, do us all a favor and DON'T.
  • If you experience any problems, page-a-mod.
  • Have a fantastic time! This is Veronica Mars, people! THE BEST SHOW EVER!
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