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It's "You Think You Know Somebody" day! PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES!

If you didn't love Veronica and her dad yet, THIS WOULD BE THE EPISODE WHERE YOU WERE CONVERTED. Oh, man. Rebecca James is so cute and Keith Mars is so earnest and yet he is willing to put his new exciting relationship behind him, just so he can have a piece of cake with his slightly-less-neurotic-now daughter. I can't even believe that guy. If Veronica wouldn't mind so much, I'd date him myself.

Plus, her cake lists to the left and he jokes about it. And she wears a really beautiful top. And Aaron Ashmore wasn't lyin' -- she does make "VIN" sound incredibly sexy.

Also, once again, the MotW is fucking fabulous. We got all the supporting characters involved -- Logan! Weevil! Wallace, kind of! -- and there was a piƱata full of steroids. Oh yeah, and Veronica redefined the phrase "winning the breakup" with ass-kicking intensity. SHAZAM!!!!!

But since this is Veronica Mars, there's got to be a non-triumphant ending. Two dozen times I must have watched that scene, and I still can't shake the urge to run to Kristen Bell and tear her headphones off so she can hear her cell phone ringing. Her mom is a total sleaze, but you can see how living with P.I.s has made her a match for one -- she doesn't tell Veronica which phone she received, and she knows they're untraceable. Why is the writing and acting for this show so good? OH YEAH, BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER.

I also want Veronica's giant red poofy pants. Did I mention that?

As always, a few guidelines for your discussion posts:
  • Please remember to tag your posts with the episode and/or character(s) you are discussing. At minimum, the tag you use today should be:

    1x05 you think you know somebody

  • Spoiler policy: We have more than a few participants here who have never seen the series before, and who are using [livejournal.com profile] vm_rewatch as a way to discover it for the first time. Please don't ruin their fun -- if you talk about anything beyond what we have already seen, put that discussion behind a cut, and clearly mark your cut with "spoiler warning!" text. Use the viewing schedule as a guide to where we are in the series if you're not sure.
  • Please do not flame or character-bash. You're allowed to dislike a character and/or disagree with other members of the community, but if you find yourself about to insult or threaten somebody, do us all a favor and DON'T.
  • If you experience any problems, page-a-mod.
  • Have a fantastic time! This is Veronica Mars, people! THE BEST SHOW EVER!
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