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I know this is late, but I'm hoping to sneak this review in before it's time for the next ep. *iz sneaky*

Warning: I am part of the worst scourge in the VM fandom. I...am a LOGAN FANGIRL!

Please, try not to hold that against me. ;)

This episode really hooked me on his character because before I was wondering why he was there, why he was such a jackass & why he was a main character. Sure, he has good lines and smirks and a lot of people like the 'bad boy' image. But that didn't make me LIKE him. I had to empathise with him and this episode made that connection for me. (Now, how far you can stretch the excuse for his behaviour is another discussion.) Point is: this made me sit up and give him more of a character death than "psychotic jackass".

Blah-blah. pirate points. elitism. I LOVE THAT THEY TURN/LOOK/GLARE THE EXACT SAMEWAY!

Logan didn't come across to me like someone who hated those "lower" than him. Unlike Madison, who seemed spiteful and hated when other's got what she deemed they didn't deserve.

He probably didn't care, so long as they interfere/bother him. I bet he has no problem that art student ect. get pirate points, just so long as he doesn't have to put up with his mother's idea of a packed lunch. (Brandy?)

Heh. I like how they reference Philip Marlowe and Keith's PI roots. It's such a cute father-daughter banter. Also "getaway sticks" was my new favourite phrase when I first watched this and I still enjoy it now.

Lilllllllllllllllllly! You are back with more of your green tint to the camera! She (again) doesn't give any new or useful information, but confirms V's suspicion that something's hinky. Also, she makes V smile, which only Wallace seems to be able to do these days.

I liked Miss Dent! She had beautiful rosy cheeks and cute accessories. I like how she's the audience's proxy. We're just as new as her, so we get the 'how things work around here' explanation from her without it seeming forced. Also, she showed up Teacher Bitchface with a chirpy "we'll see those ballots now". *innocent smile*

Duncan's Dad wants him to be happy and involved, even if that includes carving cheap souvenirs....uh, I don't remember why I thought these caps were relevant. I had a point to make but I guess I forgot it?

Here Keith says that he believed that if he'd solved the case, everything will go back to normal. Veronica urges him to continue investigating because she craves normal more than is , seemingly ignoring THE PART WHERE HE'S GIVEN UP ON 'GOING BACK' AND MAYBE THEY NEVER CAN. Listen to your Dad, Veronica.

So, it wasn't really a CASE of the week - but I like that it was the MYSTERY of the week. I like when V takes on stories just because she wants justice served, not because someone is paying her (Go investigative journalism!). Also, I think this might be the first time she's done that since Wallace.

Onto the Logan-parts of the episode:

Okay, I just find it funny that he rides a scooter to pick up the paper. He really IS lazy and has never worked for anything in his life. I can SO picture him on My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Logan: totally NOT a mal-adjusted teen still mourning his dead girlfriend by numbing himself with alcohol, slutty girls and bum fights. [Note: I didn't really know about bum fights when I first saw this episode and learning about it after is kinda like finding out that 'water torture' is not annoying the prisoner with a constant dripping on their forehead, but is like, actually DROWNING them. So I'm more upset about this now than I was on my first viewing and I'm uber glad that he was caught, reprimanded and totally SERVED by that homeless vet at the gas station.]

Awww. Okay, how old is he supposed to be here? SEVENTEEN? He just looks like a little boy scared of the bigger bully. But then his eyes shift into absolute hate and fury.

I always think that when a person is a jerk, it says more about THEM than the person they are teasing. What morals could he have gotten from his life? What stability or comfort? His Dad probably wanted someone more like the football quarterback instead of this sarcastic, spoiled kid.

There is something just incredibly CRUEL about this to me. Forcing him to PICK the belt makes me shiver. This is when I felt bad for Logan, the psychotic jackass.

He looks at them all, measuring them, imagining the pain they can inflict. He weighs one in his hand, wraps it to test it's grip...it's just such an emotional mindfuck. He has to spend all that time anticipating and agonising over what will happen before he even enters the room.

No spoilers: this should be safe to read if this is your first time watching the series.
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