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Long time, no picspam. Decided I'd take this Sunday morning to change that trend.

Hmm....this boy looks familiar. Does he show up again? Possibly as a huge douche?

I may be alone, but I really liked the guidance counselor. I liked her with Keith and I think she did a good job talking to high school students. Not judging, just trying to get the people who were the most-closed off emotionally to talk. That's a tough job. Also, she has nice hair. (Of course, I understand Veronica here as well. I wouldn't want to talk to someone about a personal tragedy. Especially if it's forced and I've created a new image that says 'I can take care of myself' in reaction to being dependent on others for so long (and then being taken advantage of and violated in the worst way possible). Although, maybe V should talk about her rape and get some start on closure, currently the 'pretend-it-didn't-happen' doesn't seem to be making herself feel better.

People may bash Lamb (RAPE KIT! DNA EVIDENCE! FINGERPRINTS ON THE ASHTRAY/MURDER WEAPON!) but he is pretty good at his job. He did all the background work for this case. (Surveillance cameras. Questioning bars. Ect.)

I just like this shot. Oh, Logan. Ah, kharma.

Okay, the lighting here? FANTASTIC. It reminds me of another show...

WONDERFALLS! I love this noir/spotlight lighting of the interrogation rooms.

Hee! She's like 2 feet shorter and about 100 pounds lighter but she BULLIES this guy and pushes him against the wall, totally no-nonsense and is all "I'll ruin you worse!" *glee*

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLACE. You are a super Watson in this episode and I lurve you!

Awww, poor baby. Eek. It's resurfaced again *pushes Logan!Love down to respectable levels* I think it's hard for ANYONE to deal with their parents splitting up/fighting/affairs, but to have it on the RADIO?! Ugh. We never think about the PEOPLE behind our society's obsession with celebrity news.

Anyways, the rear-view mirror shot? AWESOME! It mirrors the rear-view mirror shot of Veronica from the Pilot.

Beautiful colours in this episode! Every location has a different palette. I like how Veronica busied herself while not at school. I suppose Keith trusts her enough to know that she's not getting into trouble when suspended to insist she stay with him. Hell, that could be even MORE dangerous if he's tracking a bail-jumper, so he's probably happy she's spending her time in her car.

FRANCIS CAPRA! WAY TO NAIL THAT SCENE! There were HINTS ("Do you like bad boys like your friend Lilly?", his emotion at the one-year anniversary vigil and his tatoo) but then he is angry about how she got media because she's a rich white girl, but it's all a COVER. He's just a bleeding heart inside. BROKEN. She coulda been a contender someone he coulda loved! OH WEEVIL! You deserved better. (I mean, I looooooove Lilly, but she could be a bitch and wasn't exactly loyal) At least this also explains some reasons for why Weevil hates Logan so much. Not only is he rich, he gets everything he wants, including Lilly "at the snap of his fingers".

I like how the more info people give, the closer the camera gets to Veronica's face, until we're just CONFRONTED with emotion.


I love how this long shot shows how isolated Logan is. (Also, it's another shot of the Triton logo)

Logan has grown up, but he's still being abused and because of that, a part of him is still a scared child. He's not had any resolution with his father (he doesn't even tell anyone). So his emotions flip back and forth. First scared, asking how many days he got. His voice is clearly worried about Aaron's reaction to his fight.

Then he gets angry when Aaron praises him, as Aaron's exactly the thing he doesn't want to be. When he voices this anger, Aaron threatens to end his life and we're back to scared puppy.

random: under the TRITON paragraph, is one for SIRENS. (Totes a shot-out to Veronica!)

Wallace is THE MAN.

Veronica agrees!

"I was like Shaft" "Shut yo mouth!"

Lovely shot. Particularly because it mirrors the shot in Meet John Smith where she walks to stand in the center while the rest of the student whirl around.

I liked Logan's session best (surprise, surprise) because it shows how much he cared for Lilly and how volatile their relationship was. They were constantly off-and-on, but he always knew/wanted it to go back to 'on'. Also, Veronica can hear how he blames her (he's v. still in the Anger stage) but also blames himself.

"If you had been there that day, you might be dead too." "Yeah, what's so great about living?"

random: this is the closest the camera gets to Veronica's face. It's the most extreme close-up and the only time she doesn't offer an opinion through Voice Over. She's just THINKING. I think it's because Logan has opened up so many things for her to consider. (I bet she did the 'I should have been there/I should have stopped it' game as well)

Umm...these are just really nice shots, and an enjoyable scene.

Oh, VMars, you get the cheesiest extras!

I love this sweater! She wears it again later! Which is something I adore in TV shows (we don't all have giant closets!)

I wish they had done more to make Duncan's 'mysterious illness' darker. Or more menacing. SPOILERS****

(I tried to do the font/highlight to read, but it's not working for me. Just scroll past if you want to remain unspoiled. SORRY.)In the end, when Veronica dates him again, their relationship doesn't change from what it was. There isn't even MENTION of his epilepsy/pills in Season 2. For someone as rich as him, there is ample opportunity for blackmail when he can't remember periods of time. /spoilers***********

Also, he's back to NOT taking his pills (what?!) and should be showing effects of his increased awareness/emotions. Before he was NUMB and avoiding the pain, and yet...still boring, despite supposedly being off his anti-depressants. Btw: I didn't think he was crazy for 'feeling' Lilly. I thought that was a normal part of the grieving process. He was arguably the closest with her since they were siblings.

More pretty colours! (Again, each location = colour)

*grin* Awesome faces!

Alright, so Logan's caught in the middle of his parents again and he tries the typical Gen Y defence mechanism: humour. However, their not laughing this off. His mom is HURT and his dad is THREATENING her.

Logan blows up, but only to end up alone. Again.

Veronica/Lamb anyone? C'mon! She lights up around him! (lol)

I don't know about you, but I would never call my ex "cute" to his face. I would find it weird. But whatever, Rob Thomas loves Duncan, so OF COURSE he and the Tritons are exonerated and were never evil in the first place and probably donate blood and spoon-feed kittens or something. LE SIGH.

random: I think this is the perfect length for Veronica's hair. Not too long that it's "I'm back to how naive I was in Junior year" but not SO short and spiky that she can't do anything with it (ie. pigtails).

DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! And the side-plot that drives the next couple episodes (and a certain relationship) has been set in motion!
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