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Sorry this is being posted so late! I'm trying to sneak it in just before the day for rewatching 1x11 starts :).

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. This is one of my favourite episodes.

It's spoiler free and safe for all of you first time viewers.

An Echolls Family Christmas )
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This episode is mostly about Veronica and Keith as she struggles to deal with the fact that her biological father might be Jake Kane.  There's also this little side thing going on where some 09er joins a cult, but really, even that's about Veronica and Keith. 

WARNING: This is my first picspam. Also, there's lots of pictures, but no spoilers for future episodes.

Drinking the Kool-Aid )
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I know this is late, but I'm hoping to sneak this review in before it's time for the next ep. *iz sneaky*

Warning: I am part of the worst scourge in the VM fandom. I...am a LOGAN FANGIRL!

Please, try not to hold that against me. ;)

This episode really hooked me on his character because before I was wondering why he was there, why he was such a jackass & why he was a main character. Sure, he has good lines and smirks and a lot of people like the 'bad boy' image. But that didn't make me LIKE him. I had to empathise with him and this episode made that connection for me. (Now, how far you can stretch the excuse for his behaviour is another discussion.) Point is: this made me sit up and give him more of a character death than "psychotic jackass".

Let's do the non-Logan parts of the episode first: )

So, it wasn't really a CASE of the week - but I like that it was the MYSTERY of the week. I like when V takes on stories just because she wants justice served, not because someone is paying her (Go investigative journalism!). Also, I think this might be the first time she's done that since Wallace.

Onto the Logan-parts of the episode: )

No spoilers: this should be safe to read if this is your first time watching the series.
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I'm TRYING not to spoil anyone past future episodes. So this should be safe to read if this is your first time watching the series.

This episode could be called "Meet Veronica's Swift Judgment" because she slams that justice gavel down faster than cats running to milk. It's early in the series and things are still black and white. Mom = bad. Dad = good. Lilly = saint. Absent Dad = deadbeat.

That's not to say that she's unfeeling and close-minded, she has sympathy for Julia (Justin's Dad) and for Duncan (although I think she lets Duncan get away with a lot). She even forgives Justin after he lied to her.

This episode doesn't give the viewer many clues toward Lilly's murder - Veronica finally brings up the fact that they both know Lianne was at the Camelot two weeks ago, but nothing comes of it. In Duncan's dream, Lilly says that "the truth will come out" implying that something about the case is wrong. But there isn't really anything important learned that I remember. So this episode is more about showing character growth (and the Case of the Week)

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"Veronica is an amateur sleuth who is closer in spirit to Philip Marlowe than to Nancy Drew." - The New York Times

I love this quote, because it recognizes how Veronica Mars helped carve out the teen noir genre. So let's compare our feisty, revenge-bent heroine with the iconic Marlowe:no spoilers for future episodes )

Caps hosted by me, please don't hotlink. Hope you enjoyed!
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