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There are two things I really like to do: make lists and watch Veronica Mars. :)  So I'd like to start by compiling a list of future plot threads that are evident in the first episode, especially the upcoming mysteries, as I think that EVERYTHING that's packed into the pilot led to a very tightly constructed, very good first season.

I know I'm missing something.  What would you add to the list? 
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"Veronica is an amateur sleuth who is closer in spirit to Philip Marlowe than to Nancy Drew." - The New York Times

I love this quote, because it recognizes how Veronica Mars helped carve out the teen noir genre. So let's compare our feisty, revenge-bent heroine with the iconic Marlowe:no spoilers for future episodes )

Caps hosted by me, please don't hotlink. Hope you enjoyed!
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Hey guys! How did you like the Pilot? ;D

When I first started watching Veronica Mars, the show was on its 2nd season. The Pilot got me around, hm, the first second? Ok, when Veronica called herself a spinster I thought she was pretty cool. But when she said "Life is a bitch, till you die"... man, the girl is awesome! And right there I fell in love with Veronica, the marshmallow. Besides all the awesomeness... she's also so pretty and cute! How can you not love Veronica right away? The 1st episode is amazing in so many ways. I love how she kicks so many asses (Weevil's, when she asks to see his big thing, lol, Logan's, when she says she wants no apologies from him, the director's, during the drug search... anyone else?) and how they tell the story backwards, all the lines, the acid humor... I love everything about this episode. Oh, and Backup. Mom, can I get a dog this time?

The cut is spoiler free, don't worry! Enjoy!

Some quotes made of awesomeness. )
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