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I'm TRYING not to spoil anyone past future episodes. So this should be safe to read if this is your first time watching the series.

This episode could be called "Meet Veronica's Swift Judgment" because she slams that justice gavel down faster than cats running to milk. It's early in the series and things are still black and white. Mom = bad. Dad = good. Lilly = saint. Absent Dad = deadbeat.

That's not to say that she's unfeeling and close-minded, she has sympathy for Julia (Justin's Dad) and for Duncan (although I think she lets Duncan get away with a lot). She even forgives Justin after he lied to her.

This episode doesn't give the viewer many clues toward Lilly's murder - Veronica finally brings up the fact that they both know Lianne was at the Camelot two weeks ago, but nothing comes of it. In Duncan's dream, Lilly says that "the truth will come out" implying that something about the case is wrong. But there isn't really anything important learned that I remember. So this episode is more about showing character growth (and the Case of the Week)

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Hey guys -- sorry I neglected to make a reminder post about episode 2, but as it turns out the fates are against my rewatch. I was busy trying to figure out why my DVD drive ate Veronica Mars disc one and then broke. :(

ANYWAY. It is just about July 16, which means it's time for 1x03, "Meet John Smith." WOOHOO!

A few guidelines for your discussion posts:
  • Please remember to tag your posts with the episode and/or character(s) you are discussing. At minimum, the tag you use today should be:

    1x03 meet john smith

  • Spoiler policy: We have more than a few participants here who have never seen the series before, and who are using [livejournal.com profile] vm_rewatch as a way to discover it for the first time. Please don't ruin their fun -- if you talk about anything beyond what we have already seen, put that discussion behind a cut, and clearly mark your cut with "spoiler warning!" text. Use the viewing schedule as a guide to where we are in the series if you're not sure.
  • Please do not flame or character-bash. You're allowed to dislike a character and/or disagree with other members of the community, but if you find yourself about to insult or threaten somebody, do us all a favor and DON'T.
  • If you experience any problems, page-a-mod.
  • Have a fantastic time! This is Veronica Mars, people! THE BEST SHOW EVER!

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