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Sorry this is being posted so late! I'm trying to sneak it in just before the day for rewatching 1x11 starts :).

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. This is one of my favourite episodes.

It's spoiler free and safe for all of you first time viewers.

I think this scene has the most happy holiday spirit in the whole episode. Although, they’re watching The Year Without a Santa Claus, which is probably supposed to tell you what's coming. Every time I watch this episode, I get “The Heat Miser Song” stuck in my head.

…I’m Mr. Green Christmas, I’m Mr. Sun…

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about poker, but I was a little bit impressed that Logan figured out so quickly how many cards he could win with. I’m even more impressed if I assume he was at least a little bit drunk. And speaking of Logan…

Oh, how I’ve missed him. RT should know better than to take him out for two episodes in a row.

I like Duncan when he's pretending to be drunk. He's a lot more animated.

SEAN: Did you guys call each other?

A fair question. Hilarious either way, though.

SEAN: This is the worst game of strip poker ever.

Yeah, I beg to differ (as I fight to keep the fangirliness at bay).

Best. Teaser. Ever.

Okay, so let’s refer back to that scene in the teaser where Weevil very obviously stole the Faberge egg. I don't think Sean's the only one who's bad at shoplifting (remember the Pilot, anyone?). Presumably, Duncan’s laptop was in his house. How did Weevil manage to steal it between last night and this morning?

Also, I thought that Duncan’s “Well, it wasn’t me,” voiceover made the scene a little....awkward? Or maybe it just felt unnecessary, but for some reason it really stood out to me.

As much as I love continuity, I still hate this classroom. Also, the VM set people shop at IKEA. Just in case you were wondering.

Weevil calls Veronica on her head tilt trick.  In the poker episode where everyone's bluffing.

I can’t even tell you how much I love Logan and Weevil on screen together. Even with all the time they spend throwing mean-spirited racial comments at each other, I think they secretly like each other. Maybe like is too strong a word. Respect?

Also, I lost count of the number of times they said “dude” in this scene, but it seemed like severe over usage.

Cool scene.  Very noir.

What exactly does Duncan think Logan is about to do here? I think it's a little early for him to be acting drunk assuming he drove there. Don’t drink and drive (or pretend to, because it’s not cool). Also, don’t touch money and then touch food.

In an episode where Logan really is being quite a jackass, I loved that he looked upset after Duncan left. Character depth and all that.

Something about this scene just felt off to me. Lynn was obviously concerned enough to go to Keith about the stalker issue, but now she’s shrugging it off like it doesn’t matter. This portrayal of her also doesn’t mesh with the idea I’d formed of her based on 1x06.

KEITH: Do we not live in California? Is there not produce available 365 days of the year?

Yes, there is. If I can buy oranges when there’s a foot of snow on the ground, then I’m sure he can find a pumpkin somewhere. However, he was looking for someone to carve a pumpkin, and that’s a whole different story.

I get the impression that Logan doesn’t actually like Connor. So, why was he even there? Did Logan just want the satisfaction of seeing Connor lose his money?

MONICA: Oh, before Aaron, his biggest client was a day player on Boy Meets World.

As far as I know, this is the first Boy Meets World shout out. Anyone who is as well-acquainted with that show as I, ahem, might be will notice a few more as we continue to watch the series.

VERONICA: That doesn't mean the intimate details of our strange and steamy relationship will become public domain at Neptune High.

This is the first I’ve heard of their relationship being “strange and steamy.” I always thought it was "normal." Or did I miss something?

I never noticed before that Veronica doesn't really clear Duncan the way she does Connor and Logan. She doesn’t explain why she thinks he was pretending to be drunk to win and not to steal. But, I guess we all know that she trusts Duncan by now, so if he said he didn't do it then he didn't do it.

I love the confused look on Logan’s face here. It’s like he doesn’t know what to make of the fact that Veronica isn’t blaming him.

VERONICA: What happens to garbage in the 09er zip?

I know I’m being picky, but really, isn’t that what happens to garbage everywhere? Maybe she means that it’s picked up in the house by someone who’s hired to. Also, Sean took a big risk here. What if the person picking up the bottles had noticed that there was five grand rolled up inside of one?

I love that Logan smiles at Veronica after she shows off her card shark abilities (versus Duncan’s awed expression). Take note.

CONNOR: You must be really unlucky in love.


WEEVIL: Where’s Weevil?

I love the facial expressions of the extras in this scene. It’s the small details.

Oh, boys. I'm starting to think the only time I like Duncan is in scenes with Logan.

This is one of my favourite scenes. I love the way it alternates between the scenes of Veronica and Jake and the ones of Keith outside. I really like the shot in the last cap, too. It’s also superbly acted. Kristen Bell’s delivery of, “I don’t believe you,” just gets me every time.

My only issue is with the set up. What was Jake doing hanging around in the Echolls’ study?

VMVO: What was I thinking? Christmas in Neptune is, was and always will be about the trappings; the lights and the tinsel they use to cover up the sordidness, the corruption. No Veronica, there is no Santa Claus.

Fun fact: The next episode (Silence of the Lamb) was actually supposed to air before this one, which is why you might notice some Christmas decorations around. However, the order was changed because they thought that the content of it wasn’t appropriate for the holiday season.  This one was apparently okay, though.

This episode doesn't really push the plot forward in huge ways.  I think the only major plot line that's discussed is the surveillance photos and Lianne.  It has a lot of character development though, which I think is why it's one of my favourites :).
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