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I may have been a totally crap mod over the past couple of weeks, but I am going to make it up to you all starting NOW, with this collection of some of the best lines in this week's episode. 1x16 "Betty and Veronica" charmed the hell out of me when I first saw it, and as always, the script was a HUGE part of that. After you take this poll, feel free to chime in with more love in your own discussion posts!

(Also, don't forget that you can revisit old episodes -- just make sure to tag your posts with the proper titles so we can find them. "Mars vs. Mars" and "Ruskie Business" both have VERY SPECIAL PLACES in my heart, so I will definitely be going back to catch up on those.)

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P.S. WALLACE. (!!!!)
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So sorry, dear comm, that I haven't done a reminder post for the past two weeks -- I was under the influence of the Summer Cold That Launched A Thousand Ships. Or something. Anyway, this week it's time to roll up our sleeves and get the poker chips out, because it's "An Echolls Family Christmas" Day. YESSSSSS.

You awesome people have posted some seriously great picspams and quotes and other awesome VM-inspired food for thought, BUT I WANT MORE. Let me know what I can do to boost the participation!

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And as always, a few guidelines for your discussion posts this week:
  • Please remember to tag your posts with the episode and/or character(s) you are discussing. At minimum, the tag you use today should be:

    1x10 an echolls family christmas

  • Spoiler policy: We have more than a few participants here who have never seen the series before, and who are using [livejournal.com profile] vm_rewatch as a way to discover it for the first time. Please don't ruin their fun -- if you talk about anything beyond what we have already seen, put that discussion behind a cut, and clearly mark your cut with "spoiler warning!" text. Use the viewing schedule as a guide to where we are in the series if you're not sure.
  • Please do not flame or character-bash. You're allowed to dislike a character and/or disagree with other members of the community, but if you find yourself about to insult or threaten somebody, do us all a favor and DON'T.
  • If you experience any problems, page-a-mod.
  • Have a fantastic time! This is Veronica Mars, people! THE BEST SHOW EVER!
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A lot of stuff kicks ass on Veronica Mars -- the cinematography, the acting, that fantastic old-school Chrysler LeBaron ... but if you're anything like me, what keeps you veritably enslaved to this show is the writing. And while a big part of that is the masterful mystery arcs, there are also giant handfuls of snappy lines in each episode. Let's vote on our favorite from this week's "Return of the Kane"!

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