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Hey guys -- sorry I neglected to make a reminder post about episode 2, but as it turns out the fates are against my rewatch. I was busy trying to figure out why my DVD drive ate Veronica Mars disc one and then broke. :(

ANYWAY. It is just about July 16, which means it's time for 1x03, "Meet John Smith." WOOHOO!

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    1x03 meet john smith

  • Spoiler policy: We have more than a few participants here who have never seen the series before, and who are using [livejournal.com profile] vm_rewatch as a way to discover it for the first time. Please don't ruin their fun -- if you talk about anything beyond what we have already seen, put that discussion behind a cut, and clearly mark your cut with "spoiler warning!" text. Use the viewing schedule as a guide to where we are in the series if you're not sure.
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  • If you experience any problems, page-a-mod.
  • Have a fantastic time! This is Veronica Mars, people! THE BEST SHOW EVER!

My thoughts on "Meet John Smith" (and thank you for being interested!) before rewatching ...

I have a soft spot for this one. I'm not really sure why, 'cause heck, it's weird, but I've seen it a bunch of times in spite of myself and I always end up feeling fonder for it when I do. It may be weird, but it's a classic season 1 episode -- it shows you firsthand and in detail how truly badass Veronica Mars is. I love this much badassery in the Mysteries of the Week ... because it's actually clever. Veronica uses tools and techniques that I never would have thought of and that make for an amazing TV script, but at the same time those tools and techniques aren't arbitrary or stupid. They are totally plausible P.I. tools; I really get the feeling the writers know what they're talking about.

And that's why this show is so amazing. Another reason, by the way, is its brave and accepting choices in characters. I mean, I had never seen a transgendered parent on television before, and certainly not any transgendered person portrayed like this: a whole person, who had made her own choices and had a happy, stable life. And yet at the same time, those choices did some not-so-nice things to her son, and she had to deal with that -- and so did he. I thought it was awesome. So nuanced.

As someone who has plenty of experience with antidepressants herself, I also loved Duncan's character arc in this ep. It's not exactly true to my experience, but the thing with mental illness is that there so few actual commonalities ... which is why it's so hard to diagnose. Duncan's conflict, though, is a familiar one: Live in the reality of pain or numb it at the expense of life? It's portrayed so well here, so subtly, with a lot of great visuals and cinematography to boot. And LISA THORNHILL AS CELESTE KANE <3 (shout-out to her for being in last week's Weeds!).

Plus, lots of Wallace and Lilly flashbacks. AND VERONICA AND KEITH RENTING MOVIES. And oh -- there are just so many good things about this show.


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